Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashlynn gets ready for the ice!
I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving already!  As I think of all that I am thankful for this year I have to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of you that are viewing my blog!  I can't believe that this site is averaging 170 views per looks like we will hit 2,000 before a full two weeks of doing this!  You all are amazing, thanks for the support!  I also have to thank my wife, Dayna for her encouraging me to do this and supporting me being glued to a computer for a while almost every night.  Also a big thanks to her and my kids for being willing to be a big part of this blog.  Thanks for the memories and for helping me share them with our friends this way.

 Well, another thing that is hard for me to believe, this year on the day before Thanksgiving we found ourselves ice fishing on the Boulder Mountain!  I think that is the earliest I have hit the ice!  I checked out of work a little early and we ventured up to Posey Lake, where we found warm temperatues, 6 inches of solid ice, and the whole lake to ourselves!  What a perfect day, warm enough for just a light sweater and a little fresh snow frozen to the ice to give you some good traction.  We quickly rigged our poles and ventured out onto the ice.

After sinking 4 quick holes with my Eskimo "Stingray" auger, we baited a couple of poles with powerbait and another with a black marabou jig.  Just as soon as I got two of the kid's poles in the water, and while I was working on the third, wham!  Two fish!  The bragging rights of first fish through the ice this year goes to my 4-year-old Jackson, but Dallin was only seconds behind him!  Braden and I had a little more trouble with the jig, we had several hits but just couldn't pull them in!  So after a little pleading to be as successful as his brothers, we switched Braden over to powerbait and soon he was pulling them out too.

 It was a great day, everyone caught a few each, a nice variety of healthy rainbows and some beautiful brook trout.  The coloring of the brookies amazes me when caught through the ice.  The colors seem much more vibrant to me!

Well, you know how it goes fishing with kids, after a few fish the urge to play on the ice overcame the desire to skating and snow angels were winning over the sport of fishing, so we packed up and headed home.  It was a short 2 hour trip, but the short 30 mile round trip drive was worth it.  As we traveled through the lower country we were also lucky to run into a couple of great bucks that we were able to catch on film.  But those bucks are a story for another day, stay tuned as we have been receiving quite a few bucks to show you here!

 The weather is supposed to be very nice this holiday weekend.  I know a lot of us don't think of fishing this time of year, as it is to cold or the fish won't be very active.  Actually, November is always very good to me!  The weather will be warm, and while there are not many lakes that have the ice to fish yet, check out some other local waters while the access is good!  Lower Bowns, Otter Creek, Panguitch Lake, and Pine Lake...just to name a few...have been hot the last couple of weeks!  What a better way to spend the family time this weekend.  So get out there and be sure to let us know how you did!  Keep the stories and photos coming!