Friday, November 11, 2011


Hey there!  Thanks for being one of the first of what I hope is many to this blog!  Hang in there, this is going to take a little time to get rolling, and on that note please tell me what I can do to improve this page! 

I wanted to take a little time to explain why I am doing this.  Well first, I have always liked to write (yes, this is affirming that I am probably as big of a nerd as some of you may have thought in the past!)  Second, as many of you know I am very proud to be a native of Southern Utah, and very passionate about our outdoor activities we have here.  And finally, I've been known to be a bit of a story-teller...I live for sitting around a fire, the family room, or the lunchbox at work to hear and tell stories of outdoor adventures!  So, now I need to thank my wife for helping me realize there is a place to combine these things I love.  I think we all benefit from each other's experience in the outdoors, I hope this can be a place where we can share ideas and information.  And just to ease some need not be specific in where that big one might have come from, or where he may be.  After all, we all still need to put in some effort on our own! is what the near future will hold for the blog.  With hunting season winding down, I would like to showcase some of the bucks and bulls taken this fall.  Send me your pics and a quick write-up...lets give you a little fame for the day!  Got a monster catch from the summer?  A cool hiking or camping experience?  Lets see and here about it! 

LADIES!  With Christmas around the corner I will be doing a DAILY post on gift ideas for the outdoorsmen in your lives...complete with reviews of the products and where they can be purchased.  You won't want to miss this...there's a very good chance your outdoorsman may have sent me an email of an item as a "hint" to you. 

CHAINSAWS.  Since I operate chainsaws year-round, and instruct yearly on the job, I have been asked by several people to put on a chainsaw training class.  I think this may be a good way to discuss and demonstrate the basics.  I'm really excited to do this, but be aware if we go down this road it may take a good week or more to demonstrate on here.  But I do believe it will be very good information for a lot of you.

ICE FISHING...the season is upon us!  Here you will find posts on what techniques are working for anglers, ice conditions, fishing reports, and pictures from the ice.

RECIPES.  Our freezers are full from the season, check into the blog for some tasty ideas for getting it used up!

FISHING REPORTS/HUNTING FORECASTS.  I am going to try my best to update fishing reports in the area at least every two weeks, I;m hoping for every week.  I'm going to need your help here!  Send me your reports so we can share it with other anglers.  Don't be shy!    There's plenty of fish to go around!  As well I will post information on what hunters can expect as they enter the, I'm not going to tell you where the bucks are!  If I wanted to do that, I would be a guide.  But we can talk weather, buck numbers, road conditions, ect.  Also I will post DWR updates, meetings, and proposals. 

GEAR AND EQUIPMENT.  I will be writing reviews of gear and equipment that you may find use full to your outdoor experience here in Southern Utah, and elsewhere.  For now it will be products I am familiar with, but I hope in time I can work with companies to test their products!  And I may need some help testing it...

Lastly I will also write about hiking, camping, and ATV fun.  The most important part of the outdoors to me is family, and I want to capture the many opportunities we have to enjoy the outdoors with our families, even outside of hunting season.  I hope to post a lot of pictures and stories of my family having fun in the outdoors.  I think that is the best way to illustrate what I am talking about!

This page will be dedicated to outdoors here in Southern Utah, but it need not be limited to that.  I understand our sportsmen in the area travel to other locations to recreate, it is totally cool to share those experiences here.  Maybe it will provide the information to others to find what is needed to pick up and go play somewhere else for a weekend!

I hope this will be a fun adventure...but I NEED YOUR HELP!  Please share this with those around matter what their interest.  We need to get more people involved in the outdoors.  There are those that would lock the land up from us...lets get people excited about the outdoors, that they might understand the joy and privilege of accessing their public lands!  If we get enough visitors to this site you will also start to see deals on gear, give aways, and links to sites for all your outdoor needs.  Please help me make this a success!  Thanks for your visit!