Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taking it to the dogs!

This story comes to us today in perfect time as it's coming around to a great time of year to get out to start calling in the coyotes!  Several coyote hunting contests are held this time of year.  In fact, I just received a flyer this week from our friends at Jorgensen Honda in Richfield announcing the 6th annual Central Utah Coyote contest to be held on Saturday, December 10th.  Look for the announcement under our "News and Events" tab as it will be posted shortly. 

I would like to thank my good friend and fellow wildland firefighter, Bode Mecham for contributing this story to the blog.  Bode currently lives in Cedar City, but I'm sure he still calls Tropic, Utah his "home."  Bode and his family are well known in Utah for being avid predator hunters.  Mountain Lions, bears, coyotes...and big bucks, the Mechams have laid claim to many great kills throughout Southern Utah.  I would like to thank Bode for writing this post, and I look forward to seeing more of Bode's work on our blog in the future!  Now let's hear it from him.

Its that time of year again to get after the Coyotes!  Me and my good friend and Hunting partner Jeremy decided to go give it a shot over the weekend.  It seems like it has gotten really tough over the last few years as the coyotes have heard more than one distress sound from somebody else and been educated as this sport has become very popular, but its always worth it to get one to come a running when called.

This day was not the best for the weather; we had about a steady 7 to 9 mile and hour wind for the day which made it difficult to get the sound to travel out there very far, but there were a few successful stands.  The first four stands we made nothing showed and we were calling for about 30 minutes a stand. Stand five changed all of that.  As I was calling about 15 minutes into the stand I heard the boom of Jeremy's 22-250 to my downwind flank followed by a resounding whump.  Well I didn't see that coyote come in but I'm sure he's dead I thought to myself.  I continued calling after the shot for about 10 minutes but nothing else showed.  As we made our way over to Jeremy's coyote it was all high fives and good memories being made.

The next two stands the wind was pretty bad and nothing showed for us.  Stand number 8 I was calling and didn't see anything but when I stood up to leave I had a coyote 50 yards to my right that I didn't see come in.  Long story short I educated that one because I had positioned myself in a spot where I couldn't see that flank very well (stupid mistake on my part I knew better).  After that we headed to one of our favorite spots to call and things were looking down, as we made three stands on very good places and nothing showed.  We saved the best for last as we were sneaking into our set up  on a small ridge that overlooks a brush/grass valley.  I can honestly say we have killed every coyote that showed up there over the years (10 total) mainly because you can see them coming and have ample time to position for a good shot. 

 Today would be no different!  After using distress sounds for about 10 minutes I paused for a bit and tossed out some coyotes barks and yips, paused again and let out more distress. When I went back to the distress sound I saw a coyote break the cover of the brush about a mile out and it was coming hard. I eased off on the sound and let him keep coming.  At about 200 yards he started to veer to my downwind flank, at about 100 he stopped and I saw him flip his head in the air like he had smelled something.  I barked to stop him but he wasn't having any.  As he started to leave I got off what felt like a good shot followed by a whump and I watched him flip head over tail only to see him get up and take off.  I let 3 more rounds fly out of the Remington R-15; 2 more of those connected and finally anchored him. It was a good day!  I wished I would not have educated the one dog, but is was fun to get out and B.S. with a great friend and have a good time hunting Southern Utah.


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