Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spenser Owens' Opening Day Buck

Well it's been nearly 2 months since deer hunting in Utah came to a close, but the buck stories keep rolling in to my inbox!  I've been wanting to share this buck with you for a while now, I've just been waiting for the right opportunity with everything that is being sent in to me.  Keep you outdoor experiences coming!  I can't believe just how many of you have sent in your pictures and stories to me!  Thanks again for sharing them here.

Today Spenser Owens, of Panguitch, Utah shares with us the buck that he took on the opening day of the 2011 general season rifle deer hunt.  You may recall seeing his brother, Zach Owens on here just a few weeks ago with his awesome buck taken near the end of the same hunt.  I spent this past Saturday hunting coyotes with Spenser and Zach, and let me tell you, there is never a dull moment hunting with these guys, and listening to their stories all day!  Stay tuned as we will see more from these guys here in the future!  Now let's get to the good stuff!

Spenser says, "A week before the hunt I was out with my spotting scope, and spotted the buck.  I walked down the ridge he was on and found him with a group of nine bucks, which had 2 stags in the group, still in velvet.  There were a few fair bucks, but this buck was the best."  Spenser was able to get the buck on film and take it back to watch it with his brother, where they could talk it over to determine if he was really worth the opening day effort.  After talking it over with his brother Zach, Spenser decided that he was worth it.  As an added bonus there was also a buck in the group that his wife was interested in taking.

They headed back out to the spot opening morning, arriving in the area almost an hour before daylight. They parked the truck and began to walk into the area in the dark.  As they walked they could hear the bucks fighting over a hill through the darkness.  Spenser felt like this was the group he had been watching, and decided to wait there until daylight then he and his wife would walk in.

As daylight spread across the landscape the couple began their walk up the hill.  As they eased over the hill there they were!  Spenser had no trouble picking his buck out of the herd.  The bucks had moved into the thick pinyon/juniper cover and he waited for them to move into a small gap in the cover where he would have his chance.  Sure enough, the buck hit the clearing and paused.  He raised his .280 (shooting grandpa Devon's reloads of course!) and touched off a shot.  With a solid "thud" he was sure he had hit the buck well, even though the buck walked off into the trees.  Now, it was his wife, Laura's turn.  A decent buck presented itself, and as I'm sure has happened to many of us, her scope fogged up!  The rest of the bucks slipped through the cedars, leaving her waiting for her chance another day.   After waiting for about 30 minutes the couple picked up the blood trail of Spenser's buck, which they lost after about 75 yards.  As they doubled-back to pick up the last sign of blood, Spenser looked into the trees and saw the buck spread out on the ground.  He had walked right past him! 

Spenser and Zach Owens with their 2011 rifle bucks
Spenser's sweet 4 X 5 buck carried with it an impressive 26 1/4" width, his 5th point on the right side being a small cheater.  Though this buck wasn't enough to outright win the buck contest at the Shed Inc. in Panguitch this year, it did score Spenser the prize and bragging rights of first buck checked into the contest this year!  Congratulations on another great buck Spenser! 

Make sure to check back often as Spenser has emailed me quite a few more pictures of rut bucks and more that will appear on the blog in the days to come!

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