Friday, December 2, 2011

One sweet rifle...and a few bucks

Getting back to sharing gift ideas, today I want to show you my favorite rifle that I own.  I'm telling you, I think every guy ought to have at least a half-dozen of these guns in a variety of calibers.  Be sure to read through the post, I am also going to display a few bucks for you at the end of the post!

Alright, here it is; the Browning X-Bolt.  Many of us have been fans of the old Browning A-Bolt for many years.  Well, Browning took their time tested A-Bolt and made a few "tweaks."  The result is the best shooting gun that I have owned...and I would go as far as saying ever shot as well!  A very comfortable recoil pad (great for larger calibers), a re-designed bolt, and for the composite stocks, Dura-Touch armoured coating over texture-gripping surfaces.  I also found that the trigger had a perfect factory preset trigger, such as you would expect from most Browning rifles.

I chose my X-Bolt in a .300 win mag, as it was time to get something a little better for long range shooting for deer and elk.  I have the "Composite Stalker" model, and I opted out of the regular black composite upgrading to their "Mossy Oak Infinity" camo stock.  It looks like I made that upgrade at a good time, as it's even hard to find the Mossy Oak Infinity stock anymore on the Internet.  Maybe it was a short time offer, I'm not sure.  I outfitted my Browning with a Vortex 4-12 X 40 scope.  Vortex remains unknown to a lot of hunters out there.  This is a fairly new optics company that is starting to storm onto the market.  They boast high quality optics, excellent warranties, and fair prices.  I would categorize it with the Leupold brand optics...not quite up there with Swarovski and other more expensive brands.  I have been very pleased with Vortex products, and find this scope excellent for my .300.

I have had the gun for about a year and love it!  I owe the credit of this find to my good friend, Devin McLemore.  After bringing his new X-Bolt over to show me, it took very little time to decide that the X-Bolt would also be my next firearm choice!  It took very little work to get it sighted in to where my bullet holes were touching at 100 yards.  I was very impressed with the gun and scope combo as I started picking off target at 300, then 400, and even 500 yards.  The Dead-Hold recticle in the Vortex scope offered very little doubt as to where to hold over at further distances.  What a great combo!  After a lot of hiking I was very impressed with the light weight of the composite stock, and the Dura-Touch armor offered a surprisingly "sticky" grip in wet weather! 

My gun without a scope ran me about $730, which was an amazing deal as you will usually find it closer to the $800 to $900 range.  But even at that cost, it is worth the money!  But don't settle, there are great deals out there this time of year.  I found my gun from local dealer, Shane Steed, of Escalante.  Check out the deals at  If you search dealers you can find Shane's website, with great deals in his monthly and weekly flyers.  Good luck, and please email or comment if you have more questions about this gun!

And now a few bucks for you!  Enjoy!

Here's a couple submitted by Josh Pollock, of Panguitch:

A two point worth your time?


 Now a few from Travis Shakespear of Henrieville:

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That's a nice looking rifle. I would love to get one in a gun shop.