Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Traditions!

Good morning from beautiful Escalante, Utah!

We've been having a blast around our place this week!  With the hunts wrapped up and fire season over with, it's finally time we can spend time together as a family!  We try to make all we can of the winter months before things turn crazy again come April.  With Thanksgiving coming up I've spent a lot of time thinking about the things I am grateful for lately.  Of course, for me family tops the list.  I wanted to share with you a few of our family traditions that we have been doing this past week.  I hope that you will feel free to comment on this post and share with us a few of your matter how crazy, weird, or hillbilly they may seem! 

Smashing Pumpkins?

I know this may be a little off of the big bucks and bull topics that have excited some of you in the past...but I promised my boys I would include them in my posts as often as I could, and they were excited for this.  Don't worry, there are more big bucks and bulls to come this week!

 Ok, maybe this is one of those traditions that falls in the "hillbilly" category.  We were actually really late doing this one this year!  Our kids love to pick up our jack-o-lanterns and unused pumpkins and blast them to bits!  So, this week we loaded up and headed to the shooting range to do just that!  The little guys and mom blasted away with the .22's, and dad was able to finish them off with some sweet little jacketed hollow points from my 22-250.  Needless to say the kids get quite a kick out of watching the pieces flying through the sky and splattering everywhere.  The best part is this is a memory that makes shooting fun for my kids.  I want to tell my oldest son Braden how proud I was with him of his shooting skill improvement, and the way he is trying his best to be safe with a gun.  What an example to your little brothers buddy! 

This week we have taken a few rides after school and such to see what kind of bucks we can find in the rut.  A couple of cokes, some snacks, and maybe a PBJ made by mom to hold them over until dinner and we are good to go!  Apparently the boys have had a good time spotting the bucks, they were hunting all around the house when we got home.  Here are a few of our finds this week...and we hope we have more to come!

This buck is the same as the one below on the right.

Should be great next year!

It was getting dark, but what a pig!


  I am also looking forward to our Thanksgiving rabbit hunt!  Each year (and also on Christmas) when we are at my in-laws the guys load up and head out for a morning rabbit shoot while the women are getting the meal ready for the day.  It's a great time to shoot the breeze, and test your shooting skills!  The pressure will be on, I just hope I have the back seat to myself again so I have access to shooting from both sides of the truck!  Just kidding Tom! 

Each year we loose numbers of people when it comes to hunting.  That may sound great to some of us, more animals for me, right?  But what are we going to leave hunting and fishing to...the environmentalists?  We need to do our best to get our children involved with the outdoors, that we may pass on our traditions to them.  With all the electronics and video games it's hard to get them to want to leave the house anymore.  I'm sure some blame also falls on us as parents as well as we find ourselves busy all the time.  So, share with us your traditions in the comments below!  What gets your family excited about the outdoors?

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