Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A bull for the books!

Today I am excited to post the first bull elk to our blog, and what a bull to make it happen with!  I remember when this bull was taken in 2007, and I do apologize if many of you have heard this story before, but it is a favorite of mine, and I believe it is worth sharing again.  The bull was taken by Josh Pollock, a native of Panguitch, Utah and currently Josh lives in Junction, Utah.  When Josh took the bull he was working on a fire crew out of Cedar City, and I remember him bringing this amazing bull into our fire center to show it off.  Pictures do not do this bull justice!  Well, enough of my rambling, thanks for submitting the story Josh!

After applying for a limited entry elk tag in Utah now for 11 years I drew a late season tag in 2007. The night before the opening we all split up and my brother finally found a great bull he estimated to be in the 370-380 range. We were excited and planned to hunt this bull opening morning.

 Opening morning found my dad and I hiking in the dark into a big mahogany filled canyon while my brother was set up across the canyon glassing and spotting elk. Luck must have been on our side because just after light we had eight bulls file through a small opening, it was intense just waiting for the big bull to come through, wondering if the next one was going to be him. There was one bull about a 360 six point that came through but I didn’t pull the trigger wondering if the big bull we were hunting was going to be next, but he never came through. For the next two days we couldn't turn up the big bull and I was kicking myself for not shooting the 360 bull.

One night we all split up and went to check some other areas we had been scouting. My dad found a bull low in the cedars but only had enough  time to see the bull was a big six point with an extra point off one of his sword points. We all got home that night and my dad informed us that there was a change in plans and we were going after another bull.  From the excitement in his voice I knew he was a good bull, and I figured we should give him a try.

 That next night found us back in the area looking for the bull. After a while of searching we couldn't turn him up so we started to head back for the house as the daylight was fading. All of the sudden I looked out the front window and there was a big bull standing about 200 yards away in a short sagebrush flat. I jumped out, put a bullet in my gun, and got off of the road to get a dead rest and all I heard my dad say was “ that’s him don’t look, just shoot.” The bull then turned broadside, as he did I saw that he had great front and so I thought to myself that will do.
I pulled the trigger and the bull began to run my dad kept yelling “hit him again,” but I was unable to get a good shot on him.  I was sick as I wasn’t sure if I had even hit the bull in all of the excitement. He didn’t act like he was hit, but I thought with every shot I could hear that “smack” that we all listen for.

An image of Josh's bull by Kings Recreation
 We walked over to where the bull had run, and found his tracks but it was getting dark fast, and we couldn’t find any blood. We had just decided to go home and not push him at night when my dad got to the edge of the trees and let out a big yell, “it’s a score!!” We both danced around screaming, yelling and giggling like a couple of school girls. It was a pleasant surprise!  This bull grew after it hit the ground.  We both new he was a good bull when I was shooting but neither of us expected him to be a 400” bull. My elk is a seven-by-eight with 70 inches of mass, not bad for my first bull elk.  He scores 417 7/8 gross and 408 3/8 net.  He is still in the top 5 non-typical elk killed in the state.  This was a hunt of a life time and I would like to thank my dad, brother, and wife for all their hard work and patience with me, and everyone else who helped me with this hunt.  It has been a great year for my family and eleven years was well worth the wait!

What a bull Josh!  Thanks for sharing him with us!  Stay tuned in the days to come as Josh has sent a few more items in to share with us here.


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